What is Guest Posting?

Dave Crader explains what guest posting is and why it’s so important for online marketing. He’ll review four main benefits of guest posting as well as some tips and best practices. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

What is guest posting? Guest posting has actually been around for a long time, but just recently people have started to refer to it as guest post, just as an industry term. All it is is creating content for another blog, another industry blog, other than your own to open yourself up to a new audience. So there are a lot of benefits to it, and here are four that we’re going to go over in this video, and we’re going to start with relationship building.

All right, relationship building, this is my favorite part about guest posting. You’re going to build relationships with other bloggers in your industry, and it’s sort of like a form of PR where you’re going to meet all these influential people in your industry that you never would have met before. So it’s going to be just building relationships and making friends, and that’s what it’s all about. 

All right, so you’re going to be writing for a new audience and getting unique feedback that you wouldn’t have gotten from your own audience, and by doing this sometimes it can backfire, but sometimes it can be really beneficial to you. So, people that read your blog often, they’ll probably leave pretty good comments on your blog. But if you’re writing for someone else’s blog, you’re almost invading their space a little bit, and so you have to earn their respect.

So you’ve got to make sure your first guest post is really powerful, really influential, really helpful, to get that good feedback. Then you can write some more opinionated posts. So, you’re going to be writing for a new audience. Maybe you’ll get some more Twitter followers. You might get some more RSS subscribers. There are lots of benefits to writing for a new audience.

All right, it’s mutually beneficial for both parties. You’re going to be providing free content for this other blogger and in return you’ll get some exposure for your business, your blog, whatever it may be. So it’s definitely mutually beneficial. There are search engine benefits to giving someone free content. They’re going to get that fresh content for Google, which Google does like, and in return maybe you’ll get a mention on it for your Twitter accounts, or a link back to your website in the author byline. 

All right. It also opens up opportunities for the future. Say you guys want to do some kind of joint contest, or maybe interview each other in the future. You’ll have all these email addresses to reference. When you’re trying to get something going it’ll be a lot easier once you’ve done a few guest posts, and you have these contacts and these relationships to just send out a blast and see what happens. 

So, in summary, guest posting is extremely white hat, and it’s our favorite method here at Evolve. We like it because you’re building relationships. You’re not building links. You will hopefully get a link. But it’s more about building that relationship, which is what makes the web go round and round. You’re opening yourself up to a new audience. You’re getting unique feedback. You’re going to improve your skills. You’re going to be a better writer, and hopefully you’ll get a new audience for your blog.

It’s mutually beneficial. They get fresh content. You get more visitors to your website, new audience, all that good stuff, and then finally it opens up future opportunities. Hopefully you can do some kind of interview, maybe a debate over a controversial topic, or anything, really. The possibilities are endless. There are so many benefits to guest posting, and that is why it’s our favorite.