The Importance of Customizing Smartphone Email Signatures

June 13, 2011

Sent from my device, not me

In recent years, smartphones have slowly been taking over the mobile market, with about 42 percent of Americans owning a smartphone according to a recently-released ChangeWave Research study, a number that’s been on a steady incline. As their popularity increases, the fight between the major players in this industry has grown intense.

With all of the big picture debate centered on which phone to choose, the smaller details of smartphone usage are falling deeper and deeper into the shadows. One is the auto-signature attached to emails sent from these devices. Most likely, you’ve read an email with the footnote, “Sent from my iPhone” or, “Sent via my Blackberry” because many people don’t think to change their settings.

From a smartphone producer’s point-of-view, it’s a very clever, albeit, sneaky plug for their product. From the point-of-view of someone reading email on a desktop computer, it can be interpreted as impersonal and thoughtless. Unless you’re on-the-go and asked for a quick reply, “Sent from my iPhone” may as well say, “Don’t really care.” One thing’s for certain – good, professional communication will always be at the forefront of successful ventures. Thoughtless communication generally results in missed opportunities in a myriad of ways. That’s something we should all be aware of.

Why Change It?

Email signatures can be a great way to add a personal, or even creative, touch to your messages. You can insert your name to quicken your compositions, include your business information to market your company and facilitate contact, or have fun with it and add a personal motto or witty quote. This attention to detail and consistency can be invaluable to building a good reputation, interpersonal relationships and your brand.

Additionally, the existence of an alternate or inconsistent email signature can tip recipients off to the fact that you’re not in front of your computer. This can be both good and bad, depending on the situation, but we can likely assume no one’s taking you seriously if they think you’re taking their correspondence less seriously than “Words with Friends.”

How to Change It

Each phone handles the email signature setting in a different manner (some more efficiently than others), so make sure you know your phone model and service provider before diving in to change it. On an iPhone, it can be changed easily through the phone’s mail settings. On a Blackberry, the setting has to be changed online through your service provider’s account settings. Android phone don’t come with the feature enabled, but it can be turned on.

Regardless of how you change it, a mobile email signature is a powerful smartphone feature that often goes unused, simply displaying a callous product plug rather than a meaningful message. Don’t let your smartphone’s comapny sign your emails for you. Take control, change your settings and be commended for your attention to detail and brand consistency.