We're Apart, but Still Together: COVID-19 Update

I'm a Wade

Explainer Video

Project Details

Tools for Schools™ is a full-service strategic marketing and consulting firm, specializing in providing real-world solutions for clients in the education industry. TFS created a unique campaign to help create a positive community for their partners.

Project Highlights
  1. Motion graphics and animation
  2. Music sourcing
  3. Video editing
  4. YouTube SEO
Project Goals

What does it mean to be a “Wade?” A Wade is anyone who strives to go the extra mile in order to make a difference in their organization or community.

TFS came to us with this unique and creative idea, and asked us to help spread this impactful message. Through motion graphics, music and great voice-over talent, we created a video that inspires others to discover their passion.

Evolve brought the story to life with editing, motion graphics and music that complimented the voiceover and design files provided by the TFS team.