Conquer Chiari

Morphometrics Video

Project Details

Conquer Chiari is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the experiences and outcomes of Chiari patients through research, education and awareness.

Project Highlights
  1. Creative direction
  2. Storyboard creation
  3. Music sourcing
  4. Professional voiceover sourcing
  5. Motion graphics
  6. Graphic elements sourcing
  7. Video production
  8. Video editing
Project Goals

Conquer Chiari came to Evolve with the goal of creating a short video to showcase the research being done at the Conquer Chiari Research Center. We wanted the video to establish the CCRC as the experts of Chiari malformation and its impacts on the human brain. Together, we created a video that outlines the unique approach and relevant findings from one of the largest morphometric studies of Chiari patients.

To tell the story, Evolve captured B-roll footage from the CCRC lab at the University of Akron. With sourced vocal talent and music, the video has a professional yet approachable feel. The result was a high-quality video that reviews common problems with previous studies, the benefits of the work the CCRC team is doing, key findings from their innovative research and a thank you to their supporters.