Akron Community Foundation

Company Overview Video

Project Details

Akron Community Foundation aims to improve the quality of life in Greater Akron by building permanent endowments and providing philanthropic leadership that enables families, companies, and nonprofits to make a lasting investment in the community.

Project Highlights
  1. Creative direction
  2. Storyboard creation
  3. Script writing
  4. Professional voiceover direction
  5. Motion graphics
  6. Music sourcing
  7. YouTube SEO
Project Goals

Akron Community Foundation is a unique organization that serves the community in several ways which can be challenging to describe. We created this company overview video to help tell their story in a new way, starting with writing the script, storyboarding, sourcing professional voiceover talent, designing the graphics, and animating the video. The final product brings their story to life in a new way and is a key piece of content on their redesigned website.

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