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Main Street Gourmet - Website Redesign

Main Street Gourmet

Responsive Redesign

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Established in 1987, Main Street Gourmet is a leading provider of customized bakery products for national and regional in-store bakeries, restaurants and other food operators.

Main Street Gourmet responsive redesign before
Main Street Gourmet responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. Responsive web design & strategy
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. WordPress content management system
  4. Infographic design
  5. Interactive timeline design and development
Project Goals

Our main goals for this responsive website redesign included creating a navigation system that would allow users to easily find the information they need, and building the new site on WordPress, so that the Main Street Gourmet team could easily maintain it.

We accomplished this first goal with a fresh look that makes use of simple navigation and large product photography. Using messaging and obvious clickable buttons, visitors are continually encouraged to fill out a contact form – the main conversion point for the site. We fulfilled our second goal by building the website on a WordPress platform and customizing the administration area, making the site easy to update.

Main Street Gourmet also has an extensive company history, which presented an opportunity to showcase fun facts in a unique layout. We decided early in the project that this would be a focal point of the new website. We accomplished this in two ways. First, we created an endless scrolling, year-by-year timeline outlining company milestones using text, images and videos. Next, we implemented a content area at the bottom of most of the pages that displays one randomized historical fact at a time, encouraging users to visit the full timeline for similar information. All of this helps accomplish our secondary goal of keeping the site professional while still showing off the company’s personality.