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Responsive Redesign

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INTIGRAL has long been the leading provider of insulating glass units for the window and door manufacturing industry. They boast many industry patents and innovations, and now offer blinds between the glass as well.

Intigral responsive redesign before
Intigral responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. Responsive web redesign & strategy
  2. WordPress content management system
  3. Photo gallery and homepage rotator
  4. Custom-developed interactive product pages
  5. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  6. Website hosting
Project Goals

Intigral is well-known for providing insulating glass to window and door manufacturers in the United States. In 2016, they entered a new market of blinds between the glass, featuring their patented brand, Innovia Blinds, along with a well-trusted Italian brand, ScreenLine.

The main goal of this project was to create one website that showcases both Intigral (insulating glass) and Blinds by Intigral in a balanced and cohesive way. Starting with the site map and main navigation, the message needed to be clear: Intigral offers innovative, high-quality insulating glass and blinds. These products are the first two sections of the main navigation, and are featured on the homepage as well, emphasizing a clear separation between the two products.

Given that these products are different, and need to reach slightly different audiences, they needed to be treated individually, while remaining cohesive with the rest of the site. For insulating glass, we focused on educating the user through many informational pages and a photo gallery, ultimately prompting them to fill out a contact form.

For blinds, we branched out into two separate brands, Innovia and ScreenLine. From there, we featured custom-built product pages with interactive galleries. Users can learn about the product lines, view the product in a variety of colors and options, and then choose to learn about care and maintenance or fill out a contact form to find their local dealer.

We accomplished these goals through a sleek, modern design that guides the user through the site. The new website also allows Intigral to continue to grow and add new products through a flexible, modular layout.