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Integrity Realty Group - Website Redesign

Integrity Realty Group

Responsive Redesign

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Integrity Realty Group has over 50 apartment locations in Northeast Ohio, including several in the Cleveland area. Integrity Realty Group specializes in unique, newly-renovated properties.

Integrity Realty Group responsive redesign before
Integrity Realty Group responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. Responsive website redesign & strategy
  2. WordPress content management system
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Custom built theme for cohesive look and feel across 12 different sites
  5. Photo gallery and rotator
  6. Website hosting
Project Goals

Integrity Realty Group owns many properties across Northeast Ohio, and previously, the websites for each property were completely unique, with very little cohesion among them. For this project, we created a consistent look and feel that could be applied to all of Integrity Realty Group’s websites. The custom theme allows for adjustments in colors, photos and content, but overall, it unifies the websites under one interconnected brand.

While redesigning these twelve websites, we focused on driving users to contact Integrity Realty Group. With limited inventory and a variety of pricing, we determined it was best to encourage users to contact the leasing office. We repeated this call-to-action throughout the site and feature it prominently in the header area.

Beginning at the homepage, each of these sites features a photo rotator, showcasing product photos. We also used the homepage to establish a breakdown of neighborhoods or buildings associated with the property. This area needed to be flexible to accommodate a variety of types of content, specific to each location. The major differentiating factor of Integrity Realty Group, compared to its competitors, is the location of each of its properties. Location is key in real estate, so we’re emphasizing this differentiator on each homepage by mentioning proximity to popular places like shopping and restaurants.

The subpages feature photo galleries and lists of amenities – the main factors that influence renters. We targeted people who are not yet renting from Integrity Realty Group. However, we also needed to consider current tenants. An easy-to-use contact form allows existing tenants to submit a work order request directly from the website.

Integrity Realty Group’s suite of websites now reflects its diverse, newly-renovated properties, and provides a solid foundation for continued growth as they add to their portfolio of locations.