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Fomo Products

Responsive Redesign

Project Details

Located in Norton, Ohio, Fomo Products, Inc. offers the largest range of high-quality, low pressure polyurethane products in the market. Specializing in spray foam, Fomo manufactures a wide variety of products including insulation, sealants and adhesives. With trusted brands like Handi-Foam® and Silent-Seal®, Fomo has carved out a well-known name for itself in the spray foam industry.

FOMO Products redesign before
FOMO Products responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. 22nd Annual Communicator Award of Excellence - Manufacturing Category
  2. Website redesign and strategy
  3. Responsive design and development
  4. .NET Content management system
  5. .NET Custom-developed, responsive Product & Tech Data Finder
  6. .NET Custom-developed, responsive Yield Calculator
  7. .NET Custom-developed learning tool – the University of Fomo
  8. .NET Custom-developed, responsive homepage banner rotator
  9. Site search
  10. SEO strategy and implementation
Project Goals

The ultimate goal of this website redesign was to easily and effectively guide a user to the exact product or piece of technical data they're looking for. We accomplished this goal in a number of ways, including the primary feature – a custom-developed Product & Tech Data Finder.

Built with the user in mind, this tool offers two easy ways to search for products. Users that know their exact product name or item number can use a search bar to quickly find what they need, while step-by-step dropdown menus cater to a user still figuring out the best product for their application. Displayed in an easy-to-read format, search results offer more information about each product, as well as links to product pages and downloadable technical data and other materials.

In addition to the Product & Tech Data Finder, the new website features a custom-developed Yield Calculator to help potential customers estimate how much of a particular product they should purchase. These tools allow users to make more informed decisions and ultimately become customers.

In addition to these custom-built tools, the new website reinforces the Fomo Products brand in a clean, modern way that doesn’t interfere with the content users are searching for. A variety of unique subpage layouts offer tailored experiences optimized for specific types of content. From dynamic product pages, to an educational video gallery, this site is the ultimate tool for learning about and choosing the best Fomo product for any job.