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ClaimPro provides the residential homeowner information, tools, and resources needed to assist with making a claim with their insurance company.

Project Highlights
  1. Responsive website redesign & strategy
  2. WordPress custom theme
  3. SEO Strategy
  4. Content Writing
  5. Social Media Strategy & Creative
  6. PPC Strategy & Creative
  7. Website Hosting
Project Goals

ClaimPro came to us with a mission: help this brand new business build its online presence across a variety of platforms and provide valuable resources to homeowners, all while driving leads for the company. Evolve was up for the challenge.

With ClaimPro being a brand new company, we knew we had to cover all our bases to get the word out successfully and leverage multiple tactics and platforms to do so. We began by understanding the main challenges: ClaimPro is a startup that people aren’t yet familiar with, and their business model, based on using Licensed Public Adjusters to help homeowners get the most out of home insurance claims, is not an option people are typically aware of. We set out to educate potential customers and become the authority in the homeowner insurance claim realm.

Next, we established goals for the project and crafted strategies around those goals. As a long-term goal, we set out to build upon a solid SEO foundation based on keyword research and an extensive onboarding process, along with custom-written content throughout the site. Moving forward, we continue to add informative, relevant content to the website via a blog.

In the short term, we’re utilizing both organic and paid social media posts as well as Google PPC campaigns to get in front of homeowners. By establishing strategic audiences and using a combination of ClaimPro-specific posts paired with timely, weather-related content, we’ve already seen the word spread via social media and word of mouth which is very exciting.

Lastly, our ultimate goal is to drive leads for ClaimPro in the form of users completing contact forms on the website to request a Licensed Public Adjuster or get a quick appraisal. We continue to monitor and adjust our campaigns and messaging to educate homeowners on what ClaimPro is and how it can help with their home insurance claim. Having a top down view of ClaimPro’s entire digital presence allows us to craft and maintain a cohesive message while closely monitoring what’s working best and adjusting in real time. We’re already seeing leads come in for our partner and can’t wait to see what’s next.