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Controlled Access Turnstiles

Responsive Design

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Controlled Access Turnstiles is a global manufacturer of turnstiles and other pedestrian control devices, with all products built in its ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Brunswick, Ohio. It’s the only full-line, U.S. manufacturer to have earned that certification.

Controlled Access redesign before
Controlled Access responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. Website strategy
  2. Responsive web design and development
  3. .NET Content management system (CMS)
  4. Custom-developed, interactive homepage product display
  5. Custom-developed navigation that moves with the user
  6. Custom-developed tab system to organize product information
  7. HD image optimization
  8. Website hosting
  9. Search engine optimization
  10. SEO RESULTS - 82 ranked, non-branded product keywords
  11. SEO RESULTS - 24 ranked, non-branded #1 spot in Google Search
  12. SEO RESULTS - 55.07% increase in new users since 2014
  13. CONVERSION RESULTS - 123.81% increase in conversions since 2014
Project Goals

This project served as a good example of how we work with our partners to not only educate them on current Web standards and best practices, but how we listen and find creative ways to make sure their main objectives are met or work to improve them. In short, this project has collaboration coded all over it.

One important aspect of the old site Controlled Access wanted to preserve was product image placement on the homepage. As a result, we designed and hand-coded an interactive product display that was not only an aesthetic and functional improvement, but better organized products into proper categories so consumers could easily begin navigating the site. This functional element keeps its integrity even at the smallest screen widths to ensure true cross-platform consistency.

Another important objective for Controlled Access was search engine optimization. We accomplished this by optimizing our code base during the development phase and working closely with the Controlled Access team to make sure all provided content met certain standards and criteria from our Digital Marketing team. We feel the extra time taken to educate staff members will really pay dividends, as they'll be able to create SEO-friendly content independently.