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The Akron Zoo is a nonprofit, world conservation zoo with over 700 animals from around the world. The zoo prides itself on up-close and personal experiences with the animals, as well as continued education and conservation of animals.

Akron Zoo responsive redesign before
Akron Zoo responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. 2019 IMA Best in Class Award
  2. Responsive website redesign & strategy
  3. .NET Content management system (CMS)
  4. Promotional banner rotators
  5. Integration of third party e-commerce platform
  6. .NET Custom-developed interactive zoo map
  7. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  8. Usability testing
Vincent Jeffries
We have enjoyed Evolve’s attention to detail in creating a site that is aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and customer-centric. We appreciate their continued support and as our website needs change, Evolve grows with us.
Vincent Jeffries - Director of Marketing and Public Relations More Reviews
Project Goals

The main goal for the responsive redesign of the Akron Zoo website was to make it easier for users to plan their visit. The initial Define phase of this project, which involved research, persona profiles, strategy, site map and wire frames, was crucial to its success. We reviewed existing analytics of the Akron Zoo site as well as other zoo and aquarium websites before even beginning the site map.

The sitemap and wireframes underwent many rounds of revisions to make sure the organization of content made sense for all users. Along with this research, we also held a usability session with real Akron Zoo visitors who represented user personas. The visitors’ feedback was hugely important in putting the finishing touches on the website, and especially in making the animal pages and interactive map easy to use.

Keeping the most important information in mind—tickets, hours and directions—we made planning your trip to the zoo easier than ever. Placing the most important links at the top of every page, on every device, reduces clicks and time on page. Throughout the project, Evolve worked closely with the Akron Zoo and a third-party vendor to ensure that the e-commerce site integrated seamlessly with the main website. A custom-built interactive map of the zoo grounds allows users to explore the area and search for animals and attractions. All of these elements work together to make planning a visit to the zoo fast and easy.

An additional goal of the redesign was to make the website a hub for education and conservation. Browsing through over seventy pages of unique animals, you’re sure to learn a thing or two about the inhabitants of the Akron Zoo. These animal pages are great for planning your visit, as well as gathering information for a class project. The zoo was happy to share their wealth of knowledge of the animal world for this redesign, and the site will continue to serve as a great informational resource.

In addition, an entire section dedicated to conservation helps educate potential visitors on the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts, and how to get involved. Understanding the Akron Zoo’s role in conservation is crucial to encouraging people to donate to its cause, an extremely important element for a local, nonprofit zoo.

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