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ADM Board

Responsive Redesign

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The County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board strives to maintain a safe and healthy community. The ADM Board does not provide any direct service, but contracts with local agencies to provide quality, affordable services for people at critical times in their lives. Through community support and the property tax levy of Summit County, the ADM Board helps thousands get the help they need to achieve or sustain recovery.

ADM Board redesign before
ADM Board responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. Responsive website design & strategy
  2. .NET Content management system (CMS)
  3. SEO strategy and implementation
  4. Constant Contact integration
  5. Events calendar integration
  6. Video gallery
  7. Site search
  8. Website hosting
Project Goals

The ultimate goal of the ADM Board website redesign was to get users the information and support they need in as few clicks as possible. We were able to accomplish this goal with large, prominent headers with clear calls-to-action. We also wanted to reflect the expansion of recovery support and prevention services, which was done by designing the homepage to focus on three main areas of service: prevention, find help and recovery.

We also aimed to increase brand awareness by keeping the ADM Board logo present in the header on every page, as well as incorporating the colors from the ADM Board logo into the website redesign.

Using cross-linking within the custom-developed charts on the services pages, we were able to represent the connection of the ADM Board and its provider agencies. We also reflected this relationship with a large, custom-developed grid at the bottom of the homepage, featuring each provider agency’s logo under the ADM Board umbrella.

The new website has been specifically designed, developed and tested to work perfectly across all browsers and devices, meaning that users have access to the help and support they need; anywhere, anytime. Through our well-established 4D Process and thorough testing on multiple devices, we were able to create a helpful, innovative and valuable resource for those in need of treatment, prevention and recovery support services.