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Summit County Opiate Task Force

Responsive Redesign

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The Summit County Opiate Task Force is a group of key individuals and organizations committed to reducing the ever-increasing tragedies from opiate abuse in Summit County, with the guidance of the County of Summit ADM Board. Working together, this group helps provide resources, education and advocacy to the community to help end the lethal epidemic.

Summit County Opiate Task Force redesign before
Summit County Opiate Task Force responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. Responsive website redesign
  2. SEO strategy and implementation
  3. Site search
  4. .NET Content management system
  5. Rebranding and reorganization of content
  6. Website hosting
Project Goals

Prior to working with Evolve Creative Group, the County of Summit ADM Board had a separate website dedicated to the Opiate Task Force that provided a platform to share information with their audience. Evolve recognized a need in the community for a dedicated resource to the opiate epidemic and partnered with the ADM board to provide vital information in a more efficient way. The ADM Board wanted to focus on recovery from opiate addiction, with the option to change focus to other addiction topics in the future. During our thorough Define phase, we chose the domain name summitcountyaddictionhelp.org, to give the ADM Board the option to use this site if/when the task force decides to move its focus to other recovery initiatives.

The main goal of this redesign was to educate people and families with information about this epidemic and, ultimately, save lives. One of the ways we achieved this goal of education was by organizing information and resources to be readily available with minimal searching. The information has been organized by audience, with a customized menu on the homepage and on every subpage, to direct users to hubs for key groups – such as parent or family member; young adult; health care professional; and more. The information and resources on these hub pages have been tailored for each specific audience.

A second initiative of the redesign was to uplift and lighten the aesthetics of the original website with a design that reflects courage and optimism. Through our 4D Process, we focused on creating an information outlet that focused on hope and recovery. We did this by using a lighter color palette and including pictures and videos of local recovery success stories.

The new website has been specifically designed, developed and tested to work perfectly across all browsers and devices, meaning that users have access to the help and support they need; anywhere, anytime. The website is enhanced with SEO and will be a useful resource to anyone looking for information and resources to get the help and support they need.