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RAISE Good Jobs for Greater Akron

PPC Strategy Ads & Campaign Management

Project Details

RAISE Good Jobs for Greater Akron exists to help individuals, employers and our community move forward – together. RAISE helps employers come into neighborhoods with information, so residents have access to good jobs and rewarding career opportunities, while also providing support to prepare them for success.

Project Highlights
  1. Digital marketing campaign strategy
  2. Graphic design for paid advertising banners
  3. Design and creation of video ads
  4. Facebook PPC ad management
Project Goals

The goal of RAISE Good Jobs for Greater Akron is to bring information, support, and access to good jobs into neighborhoods so that residents can take the next step toward a rewarding career.

We created static banner ads with messaging speaking to viewers looking for a job or those interested in employment resources, as well as engaging video ads with call-to-action links to learn more. The PPC ads direct viewers to specific landing pages on the website where they can find employers who are currently hiring or get resources and information from education, training, and support partners. We’re proud to be able to partner with RAISE and help the organization reach its goal of helping our community by coordinating access to good job opportunities and support for residents to succeed.

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