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Akron Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity composed of more than 520 charitable funds, where generous individuals, companies and nonprofits make charitable donations for the good of the Akron community.

Akron Community Foundation Email Marketing before
Akron Community Foundation Email Marketing after
Project Highlights
  1. Email marketing strategy
  2. Creating branded template that the client could easily maintain
  3. Responsive design
  4. Quaterly review and reporting
Project Goals

Akron Community Foundation (ACF) was looking to move their printed quarterly newsletter online with an E-Newsletter. Evolve worked with the ACF team to design and develop an E-Newsletter template in Constant Contact that could be easily updated each quarter, as well as additional templates for Event and Announcement E-Blasts.

Taking cues from existing print materials and ACF branding, we created a fresh, new E-Newsletter template, featuring prominent call-outs to each section below. To reinforce the ACF brand, we named the newsletter piece “The Signal,” which is in refrence to The Signal Tree, a prominent landmark and trailmarker in the Akron area, also featured in ACF’s logo. A signal is also depicted throughout the design of the template, to illustrate communication.

The E-News template has an area for a featured story, funding news, upcoming events, resources and more, and gives ACF the ability to create and send emails as-needed.

Using this already-established E-Newsletter template as a starting point, we created two additional E-Blast templates: one for Special Events and one for Announcements. Like the E-News template, these E-Blast templates can be easily updated and sent by the ACF team when needed.