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METRO Regional Transit Authority is the public transportation provider for Summit County, Ohio. Each year, METRO transports more than six million passengers to work, school, medical appointments and some of the best places in town.

METRO Regional Transit Authority responsive redesign before
METRO Regional Transit Authority responsive redesign after
Project Highlights
  1. .NET Custom-developed Google maps integration
  2. .NET Custom-developed route schedule data integration
  3. .NET Custom-developed bus advertising simulator
Project Goals

Our goal when designing any website is to create the best possible user experience and the redesign of METRO RTA’s website was no exception. When it came to the interactive system map, we seamlessly integrated Google maps with METRO RTA’s seasonal routes to create a smooth experience for all riders.

First, we took on the challenge of learning METRO RTA’s scheduling software inside and out, so that we understood its features and limits before developing a strategy. There were additional elements to consider, including finding the best solution to work with our content management system, creating an experience that worked great on all devices, and programming all of this in a way that METRO RTA can easily maintain in-house. The result is a custom-built solution that fits right in with their brand new website.

From the custom-programmed system map, users navigate to route schedule pages where they can view any combination of weekday, weekend, inbound or outbound schedules in order to plan their trip. Once again, these pages are seamlessly integrated with METRO RTA’s own scheduling software for a smooth experience across the entire site.

The custom-built bus advertising simulator allows people to envision their ad on a METRO bus. We worked closely with the METRO RTA team to understand their advertising options and simulate them in a way that encourages people to advertise with METRO.