How To Claim Your Google Places (Google + Local) Page

November 29, 2012

Dave Crader explains how to claim your Google + Local Page (formerly Google Places) page. He’ll walk you through the process and give some tips and best practices for Local SEO optimization. By the end of this blog you’ll know how to claim, verify and optimize your FREE Google + Local page.

“Every business gets a free Google+ Local page. These pages used to be
called Google Places pages, but Google changed it to Google+ Local to
integrate it better with their Google+ social network.

What you’re looking at right now is Evolve’s Google+ Local page. Now,
 finding this page can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, so I’ll
show you how I got here. Go to and type in the name of your
company. At the top of the search results, click More and then click Places
and then hit the review link, and that’s it, now you’re at your Google+
Local page. Before going any further, make sure you are signed into a
 Google account associated with your company rather than just a personal
 Google account to save you some headache down the road. 

Now that you are signed into the correct account, scroll down and find the
Manage This Page link on the right-hand side. Now, since we’ve already
 verified our Google+ Local page, when I click this link, it’s going to show
 me something different than what you are going to see. So I’m not going to
click this link. Instead, I’m going to go up here to a new tab and show you
an example. This is a random company I found on Google that we have no
affiliation with. They have not set up their Google+ Local page yet. If you
haven’t set up your page yet, then this is probably the screen you’re
seeing after clicking the Manage This Page link. On this page, just follow
Google’s instructions. If your address and name look correct, then you’re
good to go. Go ahead and click the Edit My Business Information bubble and
hit Continue. You’ll be taken to a page where you can fill in more
information about your business. If there is an empty field here, I’d
highly recommend you fill it in. You’re not required to put in your email
address, website, and description, but filling out these fields will help
with your local search engine optimization efforts.

The most important field on this entire page is the Category field. In this
field, enter something that describes what your business is but not what it
does. For example, Myers Tire Supply could be classified as a tire shop, so
you would put “tire shop” in the Category field. One of the services it
offers is wheel cleaning, but that would not be an appropriate category
because that is just one of the services offered within their tire shop, so
that would probably work better up here in the description.

Everything else on this page is pretty self-explanatory. Just fill in as
much information as you possibly can. One thing I do want to point out is
the Add Photo and Add Video section. Notice that you’re allowed up to ten
images and up to five videos of your business. I’d highly recommend adding
at least five images and at least one video, as this will help with your
local search engine optimization efforts. Don’t worry about making
everything perfect on this first run through. You can always come back and
finish this up later. For now, hit Submit to go to the final screen of the
verification process. Before your page can become verified, Google needs to
make sure you are, in fact, the owner of this business. Two of the ways
they do this is through a verification code sent in the mail or through a
phone call. I’d recommend the phone call option because it is much faster.
Make your selection and then click Finish. Now just wait for your
verification code by phone or by postcard, and that’s it, you’ve now got a
verified Google+ Local page.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please feel free to leave a
comment below.”