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Video Production Meets Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Akron Video ProductionSearch engines put increasingly more weight on video, and so do your customers. Video is quickly becoming one of the most important features for anyone concerned with SEO, conversion rates and brand recognition. This type of media shouldn’t be a last-minute add-on, but an essential piece of your web, social media and digital marketing strategy. Video is the perfect format for quickly grabbing the attention of busy audiences. It enables strong storytelling and memorable snippets that viewers can easily digest.

At Evolve, our goal is to create videos that increase conversion rates and search rankings, while telling the story of your brand, product or service in an engaging and memorable way.

Cleveland Video ProductionOur video production capabilities include:

  • Creative direction
  • Storyboard creation
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Audio production
  • Music sourcing
  • Talent sourcing
  • YouTube and Vimeo SEO
  • Facebook video PPC
  • Video content strategy

Types of videos we’ve produced:  

How We Work

Define the Target Audience

We’ll assess who the target audience is, what exactly they’re looking for and how to retain their attention. We’ll plan the length of the video, core messaging and visual styles that will achieve the desired goals of your video project.

Video Content Strategy

We’ll develop a strategic content plan for the promotion of your video, which could include but not limited to: YouTube, Vimeo, website SEO and social media networks. The produced footage may also be reused to create additional videos in the future.


Once we determine the target audience and content strategy, we’ll choose the music for the video, and establish editing and motion graphic styles to achieve the right look and feel for the project. Creating a storyboard, shot list, script and production schedule in this phase will allow us to execute the project seamlessly. We’ll also set clear expectations and deadlines, with your feedback taken into consideration at each step.


Keeping the project goals in mind, it’s imperative we capture footage that tells the right story. Traveling to important locations, interviewing key staff members, and using the right professional cameras, lighting and audio equipment will allow us to capture footage relevant to the visual style and goals of the project. While customizing the perfect video, we have many resources available to us.


In the post-production phase, we’ll piece together the best footage we captured and allow you to have input in which shots are selected for the project. We’ll then edit the footage using motion graphics that align seamlessly with the music, text and voiceover selected for the video. Color correction and audio mixing are also done during this phase, ensuring each is up to industry standards and that they align with the goals of the project. Next, we’ll do a final export of the video in multiple formats and send the final product to you for review. We’ll then produce all deliverables in the accepted formats to video hosting and social media networks based on the strategy that’s in place.

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Choice Traditions

Sarah Santee – Marketing Director

Sarah Santee - Choice Traditions

“From our initial meeting, Evolve was extremely assertive and enthusiastic about truly capturing who we were! They expressed genuine interest in getting to know us on a personal level, successfully highlighted our unique brand and pace in the video production, and ultimately delivered a result that exceeded our expectations, as well as our clients. We can’t wait for them to produce another video on our service capabilities! A giant Thank You to Todd, and the entire Evolve Creative Team. Here’s to more projects with you!”

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