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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in unpaid, organic search engine result page (SERP) listings. It continues to be a valuable form of online advertising. Although the implementation of an SEO strategy can be quite complex, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help your business generate more quality leads and get better online visibility.

We are fully transparent, results-driven, and will provide useful, easy-to-digest reporting to hold ourselves accountable. We are here to help you get the best results for your investment as a true partner and an extension of your marketing team.

Our SEO Process

Search engine optimization isn’t just optimizing a website for search engines – it’s for the user, too. Algorithm updates show us that websites focused on enhancing user experience and providing authoritative content generally rank higher than those solely optimized for robots. The search engines are smart, but so are we. We’ve been in the business of following the rules and staying on a path devoid of penalty risks. Everything we recommend is white hat. We don’t create strategies based on tricks; we adhere to all of Google’s guidelines.

We’re innovative and keep on top of the industry as it changes, and we know what will generate the right traffic for your website. We can help you with your existing sites, with a site audit, or with a site consultation. Need a new site? Our comprehensive SEO strategy is part of our 4D Process when we design and develop a new site.

SEO for Existing Websites

If you’re happy with your current website design but want to see an increase in traffic and conversions, we can help. On-page SEO improvements set the foundation for the rest of the SEO strategy. We provide cost-effective, on-page SEO services for medium and large businesses. We’ll analyze your site’s code and identify any roadblocks that could prevent it from organically being listed in search engines. We’ll also review and provide recommendations to optimize your site. This will come in the form of an easy-to-read document for either Evolve or your IT team to implement. Here are a few of the components that will be included in the review:

  • Detailed reporting on progress, tasks performed and upcoming strategy
  • Internal linking review and development             
  • Business listing creation and optimization
  • Relationship fostering for industry thought leaders to generate inbound links (link acquisition)
  • Content creation
  • Visitor review if Google Analytics are available
  • Google Webmaster Tools error report and repair
  • Extensive keyword research and strategy
  • Keyword phrase report and summary
  • Website review and strategy
  • XML sitemap submission
  • HTML sitemap optimization
  • Main navigation menu optimization
  • Duplicate content issues
  • On-page optimization
    • Title tags
    • Meta descriptions
    • ALT tags
    • Header tags (H1, H2)
    • Search engine-friendly URL optimization

SEO for new Websites

With every website we develop, we code with search engines in mind. Our coding is clean, compliant and semantic, which search engines love. As part of the “Define” phase in our 4D Process, we’ll work with you to determine an SEO strategy for success, because it all starts with a great foundation.

Keyword and Competitor Research – Our process starts with good old fashioned research. We review your current website, your digital marketing efforts, your competitors, and even similar businesses in different markets. With this information we determine a list of relevant keywords that pertain to your industry. We then begin to develop an effective search engine optimization strategy.

Test, Optimize and Implement – After completing our research, we will implement your SEO strategy into the creation of our sitemap and the development of your website. It’s important to remember that not only will people be viewing your website, but sensitive search engines as well. With that in mind, we build sites that are easy to navigate, informative, and optimized for search engines’ complex algorithms.

Track, Analyze and Refine – Once your website has launched, we begin the tracking and analyzation process. In order to determine the success of your website, we track statistics such as time on site, top-performing pages, search keywords, search engine referrals and ROI factors. We implement and review heat map tracking and user behavior with CrazyEgg and MouseFlow. We also utilize website analytics, which can tell us how many people visit your site, how they found it, and at what rate they leave. These statistics are continually reviewed and analyzed to improve your site traffic and rankings. As your customer base expands, so does your keyword strategy.

On-Page Optimization

Search engine algorithms seem to change in the blink of an eye. Our approach and strategy is as sophisticated as the ever-changing algorithms. We develop a customized strategy that is unique to your business. We perform an extensive analysis of your site and your competitors’ sites. We also do very thorough keyword research including current rankings, search volume nationally, and locally and trending search terms that are relevant to your business, brand and/or service. This in-depth research helps set the foundation for creating optimized page titles and meta descriptions, targeted keywords for copywriting, content for header tags and ALT tags, and direction to aid in the strategy for image sizes and page load time. All of these are key components in on-page optimization for your SEO strategy.

Off-Page Optimization

Great off-page optimization helps to give your site more visibility and online exposure to your target audience. It also aids in increasing relevant traffic to your site and SERP rankings. Off-page SEO efforts may include claiming and updating business listings, appearing in relevant directories, and natural link building strategies. Natural link building can be a time-consuming, daunting task. We can help. We’ll develop a customized approach for social sharing, article submissions, directory submissions, blog commenting, guest posting, slide sharing, and any other number of off-page optimization strategies that are relevant to your business to reach your target audience.

Video Optimization

Consumers are on-the-go and need to consume content quickly, which is why it can be challenging to capture a mobile audience with text and images. Create an awesome, engaging video or animation and you’ll have a captive audience. But how do you get them to view your masterpiece? We can help you optimize your video content.

Search engines review and rank your YouTube, Vimeo and other videos very similarly to how sites are reviewed and ranked. There are optimization factors you can initiate to send relevancy signals to search engines and make it easy for your audience to find your video content.  We can help you provide the detailed information that YouTube is looking for to help determine its subject matter, very similar to how image optimization works with search engines for on-page SEO. This includes adding custom tags, expanded descriptive titles, and descriptions based on the keywords of your video. We can also help develop a clear call-to-action for each video, add links to social pages, and create a channel and playlists to reach your audience.

SEO Consulting & Site Auditing

Have a great staff on hand but need some additional help and guidance? We offer consulting services and comprehensive site audits for clients performing SEO in-house. We’ll come to your office or have you at our place – whichever works for you. We can perform a site audit for keywords, links, content and more, and we’ll provide detailed recommendations for what to change and how to implement the changes. Successful SEO requires cooperation from the entire company to be successful. By educating your team, you’ll not only see more buy-in from key players, but also an increase in ROI from your SEO efforts.

How can our team be a beneficial extension of your team?

Customer Service
A rude remark from a customer service agent could lead to a negative review online. The negative review could negatively affect search position rank if it is served by search engines in a search query result. On the other hand, a customer service agent who satisfies a customer’s needs and then asks for a positive review online can affect your search position in a positive way.

Public Relations
The PR department usually has relationships with many different media outlets and bloggers, which can all make for extremely valuable linking opportunities. If the PR team doesn’t understand best practice link building, they could accidentally penalize your website in search by using the same anchor text over and over again. They may also overlook valuable linking opportunities because they aren’t familiar with SEO.

IT Departments
IT departments may not fully understand why certain tags and code need to be implemented in a certain way on your website for SEO. A training session or site review can get them on the right track.

An educated copywriting team is the most important ingredient to a successful SEO strategy. We can help train your copywriters to ensure that they are always writing with SEO best practices and great user experience in mind.

Statement of Ethics

Evolve Creative Group practices ethical SEO (white hat) and follows all industry best practices. We take great pride in knowing that every website we optimize will be safe from search engine penalties and/or bans for as long as search engines exist. By focusing on user experience and inbound marketing, rather than loop holes and quick fixes, we create long-lasting SEO strategies that result in increased traffic and conversions for years. Unlike many SEO agencies, we’ll let you know exactly what we’re doing to enhance your online visibility, 100% of the time.

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“If your organization needs web design or digital marketing, look no further than Evolve!

They have a great team, innovative ideas and a fresh perspective on web design, and each year we see amazing results from our digital marketing efforts! Thank you for being the best partner a company like ours could ever ask for.”

CASE STUDY Since 2011, Great Day Improvements has partnered with Evolve Creative Group to strategize and implement an aggressive SEO campaign that has dominated organic search in the sunrooms industry. From being at the bottom of the search results when taking over the account, to now owning the #1 and #2 spots for all core keywords, Evolve continues to deliver an effective SEO strategy that has made the authority on sunrooms in Google’s algorithm.

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