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Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

We can help you with your existing PPC campaigns and accounts or create new ones to reach your target audience where they are; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Before beginning any PPC campaign, we’ll identify your goals and conversion points.

We understand budgets are tight, so we’ll work with you to make sure your campaign is cost-effective to your bottom line. The great thing about PPC is that a budget of under $1,000 a month can be highly successful and profitable.

We are Google Certified

Google Partner Certified

Our digital marketing team has over 25 years of combined experience in Google AdWords. We know the platform inside and out and have your best interests in mind when it comes to getting you the best conversion rates and return on your investment.

Evolve is a Google Partner. All of our Senior Level Strategists are Google AdWords Certified in Advanced Search. We’re in Google AdWords every day and stay on top of constant changes and new options, have passed the comprehensive exams required and we’ve met Google’s strict requirements for maintaining Google Partner status.

We are Bing Certified

Bing ads accredited professionalAs a Bing Partner, Evolve is recognized as an agency with Bing Ads expertise. The Bing Ads platform has steadily increased its market share and can help businesses to reach their target audiences. Our digital marketing experts can help you set up your campaigns, determine budget and create ads that will drive conversions and meet your advertising objectives.

Creating, Managing & Optimizing PPC Campaigns

There are many factors to consider when setting up a PPC campaign. We’ll take several steps prior to setting up your campaign to ensure it aligns with your measurable goals and objectives. To launch a successful PPC campaign, we need to assure that we get the right message to the right people at the right time, in the right place.

Determine PPC Strategy

Who is the target audience and where is the best place to reach them? Google? Bing? Adroll? Facebook? We’ll create a detailed strategy which will include determining conversion points, goals and tracking.

Perform Extensive Keyword Research

Creating a great PPC Campaign is contingent on getting found. The best ads and the best strategy are worthless if you’ve focused on keywords that aren’t being searched. We’ll research your target area and find long tail keywords that have search volume to ensure your ads are served to people looking for your brand, product or service.

Create Ad Copy and CTA Options

We will create a minimum of two versions for text ads and may also include variations of banners. Slight alterations, such as the headline, CTA or image will have different results.

Landing Page Development

PPC landing pages often vary from a typical web page. There are proven techniques to follow when creating a successful PPC landing page. We’ve found that simplicity is the key! We’ll utilize our experience and research to create a landing page that coincides with the keywords chosen in your campaign, to drive qualified leads to your website.

Conversion Tracking and Testing Before Launch

What good is a click without a measureable lead? When setting up your campaign, we’ll implement conversion tracking codes for each platform, either with access to the site’s backend or through Google Tag Manager. This will allow us to see which keywords are converting and which are not.

Campaign Launch

Once we’ve tested every element of your campaign(s) and verified that everything is trackable, we’ll be ready to launch! We’ll keep you included every step of the way.

Monitor Performance

Your campaigns are launched. Now what? We’ll be right by your side to monitor your campaigns. If we believe something needs to be modified, we’ll raise our hand and provide our recommendations.

Continuous Testing & Reporting to Optimize

Your detailed PPC reporting may include your total monthly conversions, the average cost per conversion, monthly click-through rate (CTR), landing page performance and more. We will also include recommendations for testing which may include A/B split testing. This type of testing can be a great way to learn more about your customers. Altering just one word on your ad and/or landing page could increase your sales and leads. Elements we may test include ad copy, calls-to-action or landing page designs. We’ll test the altered version against the original, or control ad, to determine a clear and concise winner. Once a winner is chosen, we’ll perform the test again to improve the ad and/or landing page even more. We’ll continue this process to optimize each ad spend for the greatest return on your investment.

Remarketing, Retargeting and Display Advertising

Retargeting, or Google’s Remarketing, is the process of advertising to potential customers who previously visited your site, but may not have completed your digital marketing goal; product sale, internet lead, whitepaper download, etc. Remarketing is inexpensive and extremely effective at generating lost leads and sales. A small investment of $500 or less can generate substantial results. Remarketing keeps your brand, product or service top-of-mind when your competitors are only a click away. This effective form of advertising allows you to appear larger than you may be; your ads will appear on over 80 percent of the websites on the Internet through platforms like Google AdWords, Adroll, Facebook and more.

We also recommend retargeting on your site with pop-up banners. We’ll determine whether or not pop-up banners would be ideal to test. We’ll create banners that will “pop up”. These banners are shown based on determined rules. An example would be serving up a banner to a user who exits the site without completing the desired goal, such as signing up for a newsletter.

Display advertising can also be a great way to reach current and potential customers. Highly targeted ad placements in platforms such as Google’s network, Facebook, or Instagram allow you to reach your audience where they are, when they’re there. Social advertising display ads include the option to test large amounts of copy. There are also options for carousel ads in Facebook which include up to 5 images, each with copy. These aren’t your display ads of the past; these are highly targeted, low cost options that produce positive results.

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