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Content Marketing

Providing Engaging Content, Distribution and Delivery

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing refers to the production of content in various formats. It’s the driving force behind all Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing activities. Without content marketing, most earned media goals tied to the online channel couldn’t be achieved.

There’s a simple reality to consider, website visitors are savvy. They’re visiting your site right now for a specific reason. To fulfill a need. To meet an expectation. Oh yes, they have expectations, and want them met in an easily-digestible format. Quick and clean. Simple and to-the-point – be it blog, video, press release or website.

Is your head spinning? Where do you start? We can help. Relevant engaging content, distribution and delivery are all important components of content marketing. We’ll work with you to determine a robust content marketing strategy and a plan for owned, paid and earned distribution. This not only alerts the search engines that you’re the authority, it also educates and engages your target audience.

Website Copywriting

It’s easy to be dazzled by the design of your website, but what about its content? Does it grab your attention and entice visitors to access and use the areas of your site you want them to? Is it short, sweet and to-the-point? Our team of former journalists, marketing gurus and advertising specialists boast over 30 years of writing experience (and plenty of awards as well). In short, we will produce compelling, engaging copy that conveys your objectives and delivers measurable results. Increase your website conversions by utilizing our experienced team!

Blog Topic & Content Outline Development

Have a flair for the written word? Need some guidance and a little direction? With our blog topic & content outline development process, we’ll develop blog post topics and provide sub headlines and a list key talking points for consideration. Each topic will be based on a long-tail keyword to ensure it receives ample, relevant traffic from search engines.

Blog Post Development

If the idea of providing all of your own blog content makes you cringe, we can help! Once you’ve approved topics and your content outline, we can develop each blog post. With our talented writing staff, we’ll write compelling, original, thought-provoking content for your site. We’ll work with you and your team on editing and adding data and images to produce your posts and strengthen the value of your blog.

Video Script Writing

From how-to videos to company introductions, we’ve done it all. We’ve written and produced video for YouTube marketing campaigns, tradeshows and even some local and national TV spots. We’re particularly familiar with the nuances of Web video. We’ve worked on a number of projects that have garnered thousands of YouTube views and “likes” in only a few weeks.

Creating Press Releases

Have some big news to share? We can help you write about it in a way that will grab a media outlet’s attention. When we’re done, we’ll publish the release to hundreds of outlets. This may include free and paid press release distribution services such as Google News, PRWeb and PR Newswire.

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