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Start your evolution today. At Evolve, you can expect a relaxed environment that fosters creative thinking, strategic planning, and solutions for a diverse range of clients and industries.

A great place to work!

  • You’ll get to work for a company that stands strong with its CORE values. These values drive every decision we make.
  • You’ll get the freedom to create your own schedule with remote flexibility allowing you to enjoy your time off and take your PTO for fun and relaxation, not doctors visits and errands.
  • You’ll get to work for a company who gives back to the community and is committed to making a difference.
  • You’ll get to work for an owner who truly cares about his employees.
  • You’ll enjoy our relaxed, family-style work environment that provides a great work/life balance. Family first…always!
  • When it’s nice out, you can enjoy your lunch outside on our patio. Who doesn’t love that?
  • You’ll be challenged to learn and grow as a creative and a professional.
  • You’ll get to work with amazing clients that are local and help their businesses evolve.
  • You’ll get to work for a company that takes pride in their work and is selective in the work they take on. No churn and burn here. It’s about quality, not quantity!
  • You’ll get to work with and learn from some of the best in the industry.
  • Your creativity and input will be valued and utilized.
  • Our amazing house is located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Highland Square, within walking distance of great local restaurants and shops.


We believe in putting in a solid day’s work, but we’re also careful to balance this with a “work to live” motto. One of the many benefits of working at Evolve is our conscious effort to allow flexible schedules, working remotely and putting family first. We’re a tight-knit group who enjoys hanging out in our lounge or relaxing on our patio. We also have quarterly events outside of work, like spring break and summer cookouts, bowling parties, and our annual holiday party that everyone looks forward to.

The Evolve team hanging out with the goats

The Evolve team hanging out with the goats
Donny cheesing it up!

Donny cheesing it up!
Evolve team at local event to support Metro Parks

Evolve team at local event to support Metro Parks
Todd & Malinda supporting our clients

Todd & Malinda supporting our clients
Malinda Bowling

Malinda tossing down another strike!

Annual spring cookout on the patio


Evolve has HEART! Every decision we make is based on these core values. These are the operating philosophies that guide our organization’s internal conduct as well as our relationship with clients, partners, and vendors. No lip-service, we stand by these!


Always be honest and transparent with our team and our clients.

Always strive to produce the best results possible.

Take responsibility and hold ourselves and each other accountable.

Respect our team members, their roles and our clients.

Trust our leadership and each other to do our respective jobs.

Evolve has heart!


We take pride in holding ourselves accountable and keeping our clients happy. Because of this approach, most of our original clients are still with us today. We have awesome clients who appreciate all the work we do for them. We’re particular about the clients we take on, because we care about the type of work we’re doing. It’s all about quality not quantity. We strive for excellence in everything we do and it’s paying off for us.

sunroom conference room

Todd and Kiersten work through a card sorting exercise
Vintage cameras

Our clients feel at home in our space
skittles jar

Our clients brainstorming during a meeting at Evolve
the ampersand

We work hard, but that doesn’t mean client meetings can’t be fun!
superhero clock

Melissa Skinner of Great Day Improvements during a brainstorm session

Sitemaps are taken literally around here

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