We're Apart, but Still Together: COVID-19 Update
June 13, 2011

How to Write Website Copy

Let’s face it. Web users are impatient, and grow increasingly so as the years pass. If you’re lucky (and I mean really lucky), you’ll get 3-8 seconds to grab their attention. That’s because users don’t read Web pages word-by-word. They scan. As a result, important website copy needs to hit hard and hit fast. It needs to be scannable, and there are a few good ways to accomplish this.

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Customizing Your 404 Error Pages

Unfortunately, hitting a 404 page can be a very common and frustrating issue when browsing the Web. When redesigning a website, there’s always a possibility page names can change in one way or another. No matter how minute, that change is now an issue. If you forget to put a redirect on older pages indexed by search engines, and don’t have a custom 404 page in place, you could be sending a potential lead to a place that will send them packing.

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