10 Tips for Marketing Students Approaching Graduation

1. Social Media Tidy up your social media footprint. Yes, we will be scouring the internet to learn as much about you as we can before we bring you in for an interview. Lock your profiles, or remove those college party pics. LinkedIn is your best friend. If you haven’t already, you need to start …

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Time Management at Work
August 26, 2015

7 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Time

Meeting and exceeding marketing goals and deadlines can be daunting without effective project and time management. Do you have trouble fitting all of your tasks into an 8-hour day? If so, you probably aren’t managing your time in the best way possible. Regardless of how busy your work day is, there are simple ways that can help you manage time more efficiently and ensure that you don’t lose sight of the tasks you need to complete. Keep reading for some ideas to help you be more productive when your time is limited.

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Traditional vs New Age Advertising Media Models

Dave Crader explains the differences between paid vs owned vs earned media and the evolution of advertising over time. He’ll be discussing the advertising working dollar and the non-working dollar and the ways these two spends can be interpreted differently in today’s advertising.

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October 26, 2011

Design A Healthier Routine for Your Desk Job

No matter how busy you might be, if your daily routine is anything like ours here at Evolve, you usually spend the majority of your work day sitting down. New research is showing that spending so much time sitting down could put us at risk for serious health problems. You may want to sit down for this. Well, on second thought, stand.

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June 13, 2011

The Importance of Customizing Smartphone Email Signatures

With all of the big picture debate centered on which phone to choose, the smaller details of smartphone usage are falling deeper and deeper into the shadows. One is the auto-signature attached to emails sent from these devices. Most likely, you’ve read an email with the footnote, “Sent from my iPhone” or, “Sent via my Blackberry” because many people don’t think to change their settings. The existence of an alternate or inconsistent email signature can tip recipients off to number of things. Most of them aren’t good.

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