Todd Bertsch Owner/President

The Perfectionist

10 years with Evolve

Todd Bertsch is a leader in the web design industry with over 25 years’ experience in web design/development. Todd is also an award-winning web designer, author, educator and lecturer, and speaks regularly throughout the region on various web-related topics. Todd holds a BFA from The University of Akron in graphic design. His web experience and marketing strategies are what separate him and Evolve from others in the web industry.

Looking for an engaging speaker to talk about web design- and online marketing-related topics? I might be your guy. Shoot me an email and let’s get a conversation going.

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How to Create a Great Landing Page

Todd Bertsch, President and Owner of Evolve Creative Group, explains what a landing page is and when you should use one in our previous video. In this video he’ll teach you how to create a great landing page that converts visitors into leads and sales. By the end of this video you’ll understand the items …

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Akron Web Design & Marketing 2012 Predictions

With a new year comes exciting new possibilities. These often come in the form of resolutions, but here at Evolve, we took a stab at predicting how several of the key aspects of the Web world might change in 2012.

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August 15, 2011

Woopra – Affordable, Fun, Real-Time Web Analytics

Web designers and developers will have a hard time not getting addicted to Woopra because of its fun, attractive and easy-to-use interface. But how does this new analytics option stack up against one of its biggest and most popular competitors?

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Getting More Fans on Facebook with An Incentivized ‘Like’ Landing Page

Obtaining fans can be an extremely valuable tool in building long-term relationships with your customers. Utilizing an incentivized landing page may help increase your fan base and, in turn, improve customer loyalty, too.

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June 22, 2011

Why Mobile Will Run Web 3.0

We’re now entering yet another revolution of the Internet called Web 3.0. This time, the Web will transform into one massive database of information. For example, if you wanted to buy a used car today, you’d probably visit or to begin your search. With Web 3.0, the databases from all used car websites would be combined into one massive search engine.

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