Kiersten Traboulsi Creative Director

The Evolvinista

8 years with Evolve

Kiersten will happily let you know she’s a proud Bobcat, having graduated from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication with a degree in Interactive Multimedia.

In her spare time, Kiersten enjoys other creative outlets like reading, drawing and creating unique nail art. Otherwise, you’ll find her spending time with her husband or catching up on the latest episodes of her favorite shows.

“Working at Evolve gives me the benefits and room for growth of a large company, but the work hard, play hard mentality of a small company. For me, it’s the perfect combination.”

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The Surprisingly Strict Brand Guidelines of Social Media

I was recently asked to create some unique social icons for a client – rounded-corner buttons with a 3D look and subtle gradients. Knowing Twitter had updated its branding several times in the last year or so, I checked the website’s branding section to be sure I had the right logo. I quickly realized that …

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What is a Wireframe and Why is it Important?

Kiersten Bonifant, Web Designer at Evolve Creative Group, explains what a wire-frame is and why it’s important to make one before designing a website. She’ll review three main benefits of wire framing as well as some best practices to consider.

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Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages: The Good, The Bad And What it Means for You

If you’ve logged in to Facebook recently (and let’s be honest, we all have), then you may have noticed some of your favorite brands have gotten a bit of a makeover. Starting Feb. 29, Facebook unleashed the option to apply its timeline layout to company pages.

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Web Design for Older Users

With many of today’s top Web designers being young, creative minds eager to push the boundaries of design, it’s all too easy to overlook the user’s needs. This is especially easy to do with websites whose audience may include one of the largest generations in America – the Baby Boomers – responsible for well over half of all consumer purchases made in the U.S.

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October 26, 2011

Design A Healthier Routine for Your Desk Job

No matter how busy you might be, if your daily routine is anything like ours here at Evolve, you usually spend the majority of your work day sitting down. New research is showing that spending so much time sitting down could put us at risk for serious health problems. You may want to sit down for this. Well, on second thought, stand.

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We're Apart, but Still Together: COVID-19 Update