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We are proud to call this 100-year-old mansion our home. The natural light, character and 5,000 square feet of space allow us to work in an environment that inspires creativity and collaboration each and every day.

This house is built like a big, brick…bombshelter


As soon as we stepped foot inside our new space, we knew we were home. Like our team, this place is steady as she comes. Need to hang a picture? Better grab a drill bit.


Just one of the many pieces of character in our building

This “E” isn’t the only green thing in our conference room
stairway to our creative space

The stairway to creativity
Meet Fred, our bottle cap opener

Our friend Fred likes eating beer bottle caps
Vintage cameras and fireplace

Warm and cozy by our collection of vintage cameras
sunroom conference room

Our clients enjoy soaking up the sun in our conference room

Lions and Tigers and Jedi, Oh My!


We pride ourselves on our custom web solutions, so it’s no surprise everyone’s office is as unique and creative as the work we produce. The force is strong on this floor, though the Skywalkers aren’t the only characters you’ll run into. Lions and tigers? Try Elvis Presley. He’s definitely not leaving the building.


Framed artwork inspires creativity on the 2nd floor

You either love it or you hate it
Funkos on display

The force is strong with this office
Our wall of awards

Our award wall inspires us to always do our best

Displaying some art relevant to web design
rusty bell

A piece unique to our historic home in Akron, OH

Foosball – It’s all about the angles


Our third floor lounge is a hybrid space of sorts – perfect for the team of hybrids working here. It’s part meeting room, part lunchroom, part think tank and part foosball stadium. Yep, the World Cup has nothing on us.


A handcrafted hanging light brings a calm mood to the office
Foos Ball Break

3-2-1…foos break!
skittles jar

Snacks abound at Evolve Creative Group
the ampersand

Our favorite typographic symbol
superhero clock

The Evolve Team is just like these superheroes: ready for action
foosball game

Lunch breaks call for a game of foos
Fun Facts
  • Built in 1916, the Evolve house is 73 years older than our youngest employee.
  • It still has a number of its original touches, including the Baroque carpet you’ll get to walk on. Yes, it’s clean. No, you will probably not be able to find dropped car keys.
  • The house has 82 different windows. Needless to say, we enjoy a lot of natural light.
  • If Elvis were alive during Prohibition, he might have stopped by our house. Why? Because of the hidden speakeasy. He and his blue suede shoes wouldn’t have been alone, either. Members of the Seiberling and Firestone families were said to be frequent visitors.
  • According to the original blueprints, we have one butler’s staircase and one butler’s pantry. We’re just missing the butler.
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