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Marsulex Environmental Technologies – Lebannon, Pa.

Marsulex Environmental Technologies provides air pollution control systems and services that cost-effectively minimize pollutants, including SO2 and acid gas from emissions. MET's technologies help enable plant operations to meet environmental regulations and have access to the potential savings of fuel flexibility.

This site was a total redesign from the ground up, and several design elements found on the new site act as metaphors for what MET creates. A full-screen, rotating display showcases the size and scale of MET's solutions, while the semi-transparent, filter-style header bar pays tribute to the company's technology systems that filter air pollutants. Hard edges and clean lines lend themselves to the architecture involved with this technology. Built on our Content Management System, MET now has the ability to update content on its own, making this site a fluid part of its marketing strategy.

The project included:

  • Website redesign & development
  • Content management system
  • SEO strategy
  • Photo rotator
  • Spanish translated website
  • Website hosting

"Here at MET, we have worked with Evolve over the past several years, and have come to expect excellency and a positive process from start to finish with them. They are an excellent group to work with, one that strives to meet their customer's needs 100%, and I have to say that with us they have met our needs 100%. We will continue our relationship with Evolve, thus we will continue to see excellence and success with all projects we work together on. Thank you Evolve! "

Regis D'Angelo, Jr
Pre-Contract and Marketing Associate
Marsulex Environmental Technologies

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