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With Pay-Per-Click Marketing your website can appear at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for any keyword you choose almost instantly. It's called 'Pay-Per-Click' because you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Impressions and brand awareness come FREE! What other form of marketing can give you all that?

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Paid Search Marketing:
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Before beginning any PPC campaign we identify your goals and objectives to ensure the highest ROI possible. We understand budgets are tight, so we'll work with you to make sure your campaign is cost effective to your bottom-line. The great thing about PPC is that even a budget under $1,000 a month can be wildly successful. Case studies available upon request.

Ready to learn more? View our step-by-step process below.

Setting up Your Campaigns

There are several factors to consider when setting up a PPC campaign. We'll look at all of the following items:

  • Where should your ads appear and what should they say?
  • What call-to-action will be the most effective?
  • What keywords are your customers searching for?
  • How much are your competitors spending?
  • And so much more…

We'll take everything in to account and set up a campaign that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Goal & Conversion Tracking

What good is a click without a lead? When setting up your campaign we'll request access to your site's backend to implement Google's conversion tracking code. This will allow us to see which keywords are converting into sales and which are simply draining your budget.

Bid Adjustments

After your campaign has been set-up we may discover that more of your customers are converting on certain days of the week or at certain times. We'll keep a close eye on this data and shift around your budget accordingly. We don't use any automated software, everything is done manually by an experienced PPC Specialist assigned to your account.

Negative Keyword Implementation

Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing for keywords you didn't necessarily mean to buy. For example, if you're using broad match keywords your ad could be showing for searches such as 'your company scam' or 'your company complaints' without you even knowing about it. We vigorously add negative keywords to your campaign to prevent this from happening. Other common negative keywords include:

  • Cheap
  • Scam
  • Return
  • Competitor brand names (can be a legal issue)
  • Etc.

A/B Split Testing

Split testing can be a great way to learn more about your customers. Altering just one word on your ad or landing page could double your sales and leads. We'll begin the split test process by determining what would be a good item to test. These could include testing ad copy, calls-to-action or landing page designs. Then, we'll make nearly identical copies of your ads or landing pages and make one small change to the copied version. We'll test the altered version against the original to determine a clear and concise winner. Once a winner is chosen we'll perform the test again to improve the ad or landing page even more. We'll continue this process until there's simply nothing left to test.

Custom Landing Pages

PPC landing pages are quite a bit different than your typical web page. There are proven techniques to follow when creating a successful landing page. We've found that simplicity is the key! We'll utilize our experience and research to create a landing page that speaks to the keywords you've chosen in your campaign and drives qualified leads to your website.


Every campaign comes with FREE monthly reporting. Your reports will include:

  • Total monthly conversions
  • Average cost per conversion
  • Monthly Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Landing page performance
  • And more


What is remarketing? Remarketing is a Google AdWords feature that allows you to advertise to potential customers who previously visited your site, but may not have completed your online marketing goal (product sale, phone lead, whitepaper download, etc.).

How Does it Work?

When a user visits your site, a remarketing cookie is attached to their Web browser. Sites such as, and recognize this cookie and serve your remarketing ad through Google's ad serving program – AdSense. These sites receive revenue for displaying your ad, and you receive thousands of impressions for minimal cost.

For example, let's pretend someone named Sandy is in search of a new website. Sandy visits and browses our services, but isn't ready to contact us yet. Since we're using Google remarketing, a remarketing cookie is placed on her browser that's used by Google AdWords to follow her around the Internet. Now, any time Sandy visits a website using Google AdSense to monetize (such as, she’ll see an ad for Evolve Creative Group and be reminded of our services.

Why Should You Be Remarketing?

  • It's cheap and extremely effective at generating lost leads and sales
    • A very small investment of just $500 can generate substantial results
  • It makes your brand seem larger than it actually is because your ads will appear on over 80 percent of the websites on the Internet
    • Over 80 percent of websites use Google AdSense to monetize
  • It keeps your brand top-of-mind in a space where your competitors are only a click away

Who's Using Remarketing?

  • And many more!

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