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Child Life Wish List is a nonprofit organization that raises funds and awareness for Child Life programs at hospitals in Northeast Ohio. Child Life programs and specialists help children and teens feel comfortable during hospital stays while also maintaining normal developmental and living patterns. These programs are traditionally underfunded, needing supplies, toys and more to continue their mission.

Project Highlights
  1. Website design & development
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Content Management System
  4. Image rotator
  5. Parallax effect
  6. Third-party module integration
  7. Website hosting
Project Goals

As a company invested in the community, we designed and developed Child Life Wish List website as a pro bono project to help this nonprofit with its digital marketing efforts. We created a visually engaging site that also acts as an educational tool, teaching new visitors about the organization, as well as its under-funded cause. A large image rotator on the homepage displays huge, eye-catching graphics that promote goals and events, while a customized theme and parallax effect creates a beautiful yet fun effect on the Lights for Little Angels event page. We worked very closely with Child Life Wish List to craft the perfect messaging for creating awareness and a sense of urgency.

With a website of this size and complexity, it takes a true collaboration between all parties to ensure a successful finished product. This was no problem when working with the talented team at Child Life Wish List. Since both teams were willing to go the extra mile, the site is a true accomplishment of everyone's hard work.

It's all about telling a great story, and that's what we set out to do with this website. When you meet someone with so much passion for a particular cause, it's hard not to want to help out. It's been a fun project, and we're excited to watch this organization grow and prosper.