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FirstMerit Bank

Video & Animation

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FirstMerit Corporation is a bank located in Akron, Ohio, and services Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Pennsylvania with 415 banking offices and 452 ATM locations.

Project Highlights
  1. Interactive landing page design and development
  2. Interactive video gallery to display video playlists
  3. Video production
  4. Integration of music and voiceovers
  5. Smart player delivery service to allow accessability on smartphones and tablets
  6. Video hosting
Project Goals

With the introduction of numerous products to satisfy customer demand for access to convenient, mobile-friendly banking options, FirstMerit tasked us to create a series of in-depth videos that would not only announce the arrival these new tools, but teach customers how to use them.

At the time of creation, FirstMerit chose to target the most-commonly used mobile devices: iPhones, Android devices and Blackberry devices. As each platform required numerous videos to demonstrate how to use each part of its respective app, we chose to create a microsite to serve up this content in an easily-understood format. In addition, this allowed us to dedicate an area to step-by-step videos created to cover text banking and alerts.