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Creating an Effective Multimedia Strategy

Search engines put increasingly more weight on video, and so do your customers. Video is quickly becoming one of the most important features for anyone concerned with SEO, conversion rates, and brand recognition. This type of media shouldn’t be a last minute add on, but an essential piece of your web, social, and online marketing strategy. Video is the perfect format for quickly grabbing the attention of busy audiences. It enables strong storytelling in short memorable snippets that viewers can easily digest.

Our overall strategy is creating videos that increase conversion rates and search rankings while telling the story of your brand, product, or service in an engaging and memorable way. Showing your users a video allows them to sample the content of your site before committing to scrolling down the page and reading lengthy information. This tactic increases dwell-time on your page, which is vital to your SEO strategy.

Research Target Audience

We’ll assess who the target audience is, what exactly they’re looking for and how to retain their attention. We’ll plan the length of the video, core messaging, and visual styles that will achieve the desired goals of your video project.

Screenwriting and storyboard creation

We’ll work with you to create a detailed storyboard to establish the overall imagery of the video, making sure it accurately depicts the script and is in tune with the core messaging. This keeps everyone focused and on the same page before production even begins.


Having already assessed the goals of the video we’ll move into production where your project comes to life. Whether it requires casting, filming, editing, grading, animation, motion graphics, lower thirds, logo stings, music, voiceover, audio production or any combination of those things, we can provide everything you need for your project to be successful.

Our Video Services

Evolve can help with your organizational promotional videos, advertisements, commercials, testimonials, product demonstrations and How-to videos. Our video team is equipped and skilled in the latest adobe video editing software; Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speed Grade, and more.  With a specialty in video editing, animation and motion graphics we also offer a full range of video production services to meet your needs.

  • Screenwriting
  • Storyboard creation
  • Video Research & Strategy
  • Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Still Photography
  • Sound Production
  • Music
  • Voiceover