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Designing and developing a great website requires a thorough plan and solid strategy. With our comprehensive 4D process, we'll take you from initial consultation all the way through launch, working with you to create an effective, responsive solution that's fast, intuitive and engaging on every browser and device. Our attention to detail and browser scrutiny is ever present as we work to create the best overall experience.

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Responsive Web Design & Development

Responsive Web Design Creation

Most Web design agencies tend to have a sort of assembly-line process in place when it comes to design and development: The designer designs, the developer develops, search engine optimization comes in at some point and the final product goes live. Each person performs his or her specific task without much knowledge of or respect for the others.

At Evolve, every member of our team is a hybrid, meaning our designers can code, our developers can design and our online marketing team can communicate effectively with everyone to make sure best search engine optimization practices are followed every step of the way. Being multi-faceted allows our team members to avoid the internal struggles other agencies face, those never-ending battles between designers, developers and content specialists that do nothing more than take a project and turn it into a compromise rather than a labor of love.

As hybrids, we tend to avoid those types of confrontation because we all see the forest for the trees. That makes us more flexible, efficient, communicative and detail-oriented, and allows for a better end product because we never compartmentalize and "pass off." Each team member has a solid understanding of how to execute each component of the plan – to produce a website on-time and on-budget, one that will increase Web traffic, generate additional leads and be an effective communications tool for your business.

And yes, we love it when a plan comes together.

Responsive Web Design

Part of that plan occurs during our design phase, when we let our creativity shine as we work to bring your vision to life with stunning graphical treatments and out-of-the-box thinking. We strive to provide a customized look and feel you can be proud of, something that has meaning behind every pixel and color, something that resonates with your customers on a deeper level, something as unique as you are.

Of course, in today's responsive Web world, unique designs need to work a little harder and smarter due to the challenge of providing a consistent user-experience on a vast array of devices and screen sizes. This is why we take time as a team to talk through our designs and make sure they're not just visually impressive, but easy to build, have all the elements needed for search engine optimization and tell the exact same stories on any platform a user interacts with them.

At the end of the day, any designer should be able to produce something visually appealing. However, it takes a special kind to create an award-worthy design that's not just easy on the eyes, but becomes an efficient, pixel-perfect build that makes both you and search engines very happy. It takes a designer who has both an artist's eye and a developer's foresight.

Responsive Web Development

There are a lot of designers that spend a lot of extra (billable) time adding in unnecessary flourishes they may not be aware won't translate well on the Web, and there are a lot of developers that will probably just strip those things out – as well as other little things they find annoying to build – and focus a lot of extra (billable) time adding in unnecessary flourishes to interactive elements that do nothing to enhance a site's usability or user-experience.

This type of disconnect happens all the time in compartmentalized Web agencies – and you're literally paying for it.

Hybrid designers and developers tend to avoid these conflicts because they're fairly fluent in the other's language. There's bound to be frustration when communication either can't happen or breaks down completely. Our development process is smooth because our design, development and online marketing teams understand and respect each other, and have communicated well enough during past phases to ensure your build will be unique, usable and SEO-optimized. Again, it's all part of the plan. And remember, we love it when a plan comes together.

Of course, while effective communication makes for an efficient build, there's still a lot of mental flexing to be done. And, because it's necessary to let you know the sort of flexing we do during our development phase, it's time for some pseudo-techie speak:

  • Regardless of what coding languages we use to develop your site, you can be sure we always code using best practices and that your site will only contain valid markup. Basically, your site will not crash and burn for no reason while giving a user the same experience on any browser or device.
  • Our code is Section 508 compliant, which means your site is accessible for individuals with disabilities.
  • Our code is SEO optimized. At Evolve, SEO isn't an afterthought – it's a part of our process. Our development and online marketing teams work very closely during our development process to make sure our code makes search engines happy.
  • We optimize important images for high-definition displays.
  • We rigorously test your site on actual devices and browsers – and then do it again, all with the intent the final product will function properly on all platforms and successfully fulfill your strategic goals.
Customer Training and Support

A successful website launch is a proud moment for all of us – the culmination of a project well done and soon to be well received. However, a website in and of itself is never really finished; as time passes, there are always new pages to create, updated copy to put in place, images that need some tweaking. Our content management system, mojoPortal, is extremely user-friendly, and will empower you and your team to edit and maintain your website with just a few simple clicks, giving you the control you need at an affordable cost.

To help you get started, we'll conduct in-person training with you and your staff onsite or at our office. We'll not only do a complete run-through of how to make the most of mojoPortal while editing your site, we'll also provide some helpful takeaways you can refer to as you get accustomed to the system:

  • A hard-copy of our training manual for you and every member of your staff, customized for your website; and
  • A DVD-R with a digital copy of our training manual, as well as any image templates or other customized files used on your site.

Just as a website is never truly finished, our training and support services never really do, either. Did you accidentally delete something and don't know how to get it back? Accidentally copy over something you didn't mean to? Our team is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you have or resolve any issues you come across. Everyone on our staff is familiar with our CMS, so no matter who you speak to, you can rest assured there will always be someone available to help you that very day.

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