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If you've identified a need for an optimized mobile Web presence, then you've done all the work you really need to. Of course, that probably doesn't answer any questions you may have – specifically about whether a mobile or responsive website is the right fit for you. After all, responsive Web design is a relatively new and therefore, relatively unknown practice.

So, should your website be built on a mobile or responsive framework? Our Front-End Web Developer Mike D'Agruma has the answer right here.

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Responsive & Mobile Web Design

Mobile/Responsive Web Design Creation

Why You Need a Responsive or Mobile Website

More and more consumers are purchasing and using mobile devices, and not just to make calls, text or send emails. According to the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, 90 percent of American adults now own a mobile device and nearly 63 percent of them are using it to access the Internet. Over 42 percent have a tablet or e-reading device – with some demographic groups reporting close to 50 percent ownership.

For simplicity's sake, we won't even get into how many American consumers own more than one device.

The point is, with that level of buy-in, it's likely that right now, one of your customers is looking at your traditional desktop website on a mobile device.

So ask yourself the following questions: What is my customer seeing on a tablet or smartphone? Are text and graphics clearly discernible without pinching and zooming? Are the functional and interactive elements working properly? Are they even visible?

Now ask yourself this: If not, what experience am I providing my customer with versus a competitor with a mobile or fully-responsive website?

Our Responsive & Mobile Website Services

Regardless of what stage your website is at, we'll work with you to create an effective mobile Web solution that's fast, intuitive and engaging on every browser and device. Our attention to detail and browser scrutiny is ever present as we work to create the best overall experience. The blueprint is there: Our augmented 4D Process lays the foundation for your success.


Our research and knowledge of your business puts the project in motion as we work to:

  • Define your typical user and how they access and interact with your website. This process becomes even more crucial as we determine exactly what information the user wants to see first on a mobile device with a limited-size viewport.
  • Build a top-down hierarchy to organize important information.
  • Create multiple wireframes reflecting the new layout and navigation on multiple devices.

Our responsive & mobile designs:

  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across various screen resolutions.
  • Ensure your website is easy to read and navigate.
  • Rearrange content to provide users with an optimal experience.
  • Carefully consider best practices – taking into account both the benefits and limitations of specific devices.

In keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies and techniques, we adhere to strict Web standards and best practices. Our responsive & mobile websites are:

  • Built to account for multiple devices. You'll hear some responsive Web designers talk exclusively about optimizing your site for a 1024 x 768-pixel or 320 x 480-pixel viewport. That means they'll be "optimizing" your site to function best on an iPad or iPhone 4s (or older version) as those are the standard screen resolutions for those devices. Not everyone owns an iPad or iPhone. That's why we develop for all devices. We ensure your website is as optimized for a Barnes & Noble Nook tablet as it is for a Galaxy Note II.
  • Capable of detecting a mobile visitor to your full website and redirecting them to the mobile website accordingly (if your site is not built on a responsive framework)
  • Built to account for multiple device operating systems.
  • Built with the understanding of which functional elements will and won't work on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Extensively tested on actual devices, not misleading simulators.

Before we launch, we'll go through one last testing phase and add in any necessary analytic tracking codes. Once live, we'll review and watch your website's progress by tracking these analytics. This gives us the ability to consistently evaluate your site's performance across various devices and browsers and report back with suggestions for improvements.

Evolve your Web presence

We want a user to be equally impressed with your website regardless of the platform used to reach it, and through our 4D process, we can optimize your existing desktop site or build a new one to become an industry-leading, cutting-edge communications tool that demands attention on any device.

You know the trends – more and more consumers are purchasing and using tablets and smartphones to browse the Internet. You need to be prepared. What should your customer see when visiting your website on a mobile device? Give us a call, and we'll give you an answer.

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