Nate Slaughter Video Producer/Graphic Designer

The Visual Guy

Nate is an artistic minded designer with experience in a variety of media types. Involvement in the music industry, nonprofit organizations, and Akron area companies give him a multifaceted skill set. He focuses on the aesthetics and visual appeal of our products. Nate has produced official music videos, promos, and documentary films for recording artists and nonprofit organizations in the Akron area.

Outside of marketing, he’s busy chasing around his son, Leland with his wife Shelby Slaughter. Beyond design, Nate enjoys writing, recording and performing music, traveling, and spending time outdoors. As a former collegiate athlete with Malone University in cross country and track, he still manages to run from time to time. If Nate had less self-control, he would eat Chipotle every day of his life. He is also a self-professed coffee and craft beer snob.

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